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    MedPixels: Concierge Radiology

    Call 408-676-9215 for the on call radiologist.

    Call 408-780-8725 or Schedule Online until 11pm 7 days a week

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    Get the best care possible!

    "Saved me so much time and also hundreds of dollars, and I feel like I got the best care possible." - Lillian

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    Specialist Ultrasound

    "How often have you had a physician pay personal attention to your care? !" - Raj

    Don't get the usual. Avoid expensive, unnecessary advanced imaging

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    See the Radiologist

    "When you're concerned about something, ask away!" - Tim

    Get your results explained to you

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    Get Results Now

    "The doctor looked at the scans while I was there and explained everything he found.." - Randy

    Get answers and schedule followups now. Not a month later.

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    Better Reports

    "The reports were detailed and provided more information when compared with my previous reports taken elsewhere." - Sarash

    No more generic reports that leave you with more questions than answers

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Ultrasound walk ins accepted 10 am - 5.30 pm Monday-Friday
Average wait time 15-30 minutes.




Low-dose CT with close physician supervision. Put your mind at ease.



See your radiologist. Let us diagnose you, not just your images.


PET/CT, Nuclear

We take our time to read your scans ensuring the most accurate report possible.

The MedPixels Difference

You will never want to go anywhere else


Your schedule, not ours

"They opened Sunday morning just for me." - Di W


Personal Service

See the radiologist in-person. Get results explained to you.

Nosotros hablamos español


Results Now

You are given preliminary results, and followups set up before you leave. We send the official report to your doctor within 24-hours. See your doctor the next day.


Know what you pay beforehand

Our data-driven process minimizes surprise bills. if we get it wrong, you get a discount.

Most Major PPO and HMO Plans Accepted

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51 Reviews 5 stars

  • "Practices the medicine the right way"

    "...I would give 6 stars...How often have you had a physician pay personal attention to your care?...The level of personal attention Dr. Raman gives is very rare among doctors in America.,Here is a physician who practices the medicine the right way"

  • "Knack for putting people at ease."

    "Dr. Raman is not only great at what he does, he has a knack for putting people at ease. He took time to listen to every single concern that my wife and I had and made sure to explain everything ranging from what needed to be done and what the ultrasound imagery indicated.....I highly recommend him and am glad our doctor referred us to him."

    See the full review

  • "[Cares] so much about their patient"

    "The doctors are extremely courteous, well-knowledged, and know what they are looking for....For that, they get as much respect from me that they deserve for caring so much about their patient. I would highly recommend anyone to come here in any needs for a scan."

  • "I would go back and do that AGAIN, even if I did not need it"

    "I have to say out of all the medical appointments I have had, this one definitely is the top of them all. I would go back and do that AGAIN, even if I did not need it. Thank you so much!"

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  • "Went out of their way"

    "They really went out of their way to take care of me. They were professional, courteous, and intelligent in their work....I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for scan/ultrasound services."

  • "Highly highly recommend!!"

    "Dr Raman was so amazing! Very accommodating, honest, detailed and courteous. Highly highly recommend!! Thank you so much!"

  • "Made my family feel very comfortable."

    "...I would highly recommend this place to get any kind of scans/ultrasound services done. Everybody there are very courteous and kind...."

    See the full review

  • "Great service and followup"

    "Dr. Raman [resolves requests] promptly and goes above and beyond."

  • "Puts patients first"

    "Dr Bhargav is very knowledgable and kind. He puts patients first and takes the time to explain any questions from patients."

  • Treats you like family

    "I felt a genuine intent from Dr Raman to do what is needed and not treat me as just a body to put under scanning machine. I really felt I am at the hands of a friend / family member."

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